• A Lifestyle Museum
    Summary: The Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris is presenting an exhibition called ¡°De la Chine aux Arts D¨¦coratifs¡±.
  • 1kg steak challenge
    Summary: On today's Food and Drink, we're off in search of Shanghai's best steak.
  • Monks embrace music
    Summary: Monks are embracing western music in Hubei Province at the Tiantai Temple
  • Windmill water town
    Summary: The ancient water town of Zhouzhuang dates back almost two thousand years. It's the perfect place to enjoy the warm weather and take in a bit of history.
赞 Highly Recommended
'A Bite of China' returns The widely acclaimed series is about eating and cooking in China.
Talent show export Chinese talent show 'Sing My Song' exported to UK.
Chinese silent film 'The Goddess' Legendary movie star Ruan Lingyu's film is a classic of classics.
Youths and dream What are their hopes and concerns for their collective future?
商 Business Channel More
Behind luxury estates Leo Liu, founder and general manager of Meidihang.
文 Culture Channel More
Old Peking Opera classic revived Revisit an opera that disappeared from the stage 60 years ago.
Rice-paper stem pictures Some rare 200-year-old pictures are returned to China from overseas.
Hairy monkeys A flower bud and parts of a cicada are transformed into an unusual work of art.
學 Learning Channel More
Review of the 4th set Review of the 4th set of the 24-posture Simplified Form of tai chi chuan.
Fair Lady Weaves the Shuttle Today we'll go on learning the eighteenth move.
Turn and Kick with the Left Heel Today we'll work on the 15th move, Turn and Kick with the Left Heel. 
游 Travel Channel More
Breaking down the Uygur stereotype Some Uygur have pursued their dreams elsewhere in China.
Life choices Mr. Peng has chosen to return to the village to help out.
Majestic Huangshan The unique pines that grow on granite and the bizarre stones
城 City Focus Channel More
American sushi in Shanghai Sushi comes from Japan, so what's up with the California roll?
Chilling in sunny Sanya A romantic stay in China's very first all-villa resort.
From Earth to the Universe Miss Universe has come a long way from a mere bikini contest.
記 Documentary Channel More
Our idyllic life A couple quit well-paid jobs to establish an organic chicken farm.
On the trail of wild elephants The town of Zhengdong was invaded by a herd of wild elephants.
A Tibetan man and his dog Story Board delivers a visual profile of all Asian countries.
食 Cuisine Channel More
Cream cheese tea cake Cream cheese 300g, Sugar 100g, Eggs 6, Cream 160g, Cake flour 200g, Blueberries.
Spring rolls with three delicacies Chinese cabbage 500g, Carrot 1pc, Bamboo shoots 100g, Spring roll wrapper 1pkg, Shiitake powder 1tsp.
Parmesan cookies Mayonnaise 30g, Butter 100g, Parmesan cheese 45g, Parsley 10g, Milk 45ml, Cake flour 200g. 
畵 Cartoon Channel More
Nezha Conquers the Dragon King The story begin with the commander Li Jing who is informed that after a three and half year pregnancy
The Proud General After a victorious military campaign, a general returns home to glory and prosperity
Uproar in Heaven The Monkey King and his monkey friends monkey around in Uproar in Heaven
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